Hi guys, I just wanted to write a quick note about a very cool thing that I am excited to be a part of, Dirty Diamonds #6. Dirty Diamonds is an all-girl comics anthology created by two ladies in Philadelphia and it’s always a delightful read. You get a big range of stories and styles, which I am very into. If you are a person who’d like to be exposed to new comics-making-people, anthologies are the way to go.


PromotionalStill2You may have noticed a missing comic last week; I had to take some time to finish up my piece, which I hope you all will like! I switched things up, media-wise, and I think I’ve fallen back in love with ink and brushes. You can look forward to seeing little baby Brenna, surly teen Brenna, and maybe even the elusive overly-confident adult Brenna.

I am ESPECIALLY excited about this gorgeous cover by Carolyn Nowak, my goodness, can you believe this shit? I cannot.


So anyway,  if throw some of your money at the Kickstarter and you can get a PDF or hard copy of Dirty Diamonds #6: Beauty, featuring three pages drawn by yours truly. You can also buy it in person when it debuts at SPX.

Cool, good talk everyone.